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The attractiveness of the tourism sector to the County is that it is a clean industry and it positively impacts the quality of life for all citizens. Since 2000, tourism revenues in the County have increased 90%, from $35.8 million to $68 million.

 The Tourism Office provides much-needed leadership and alignment for the County’s tourism industry in its effort to market and brand the County as a must-see tourism destination. There is great potential for future projects to increase tourists’ interest in exploring Lanark County as a vacation destination. Any additional revenue generated from these projects will further improve the quality of life for the residents of Lanark County. 

In the Tourism Office’s effort to increase revenues, it has identified the following strategic initiatives and developed an Action Plan to implement for each:

  • Represent the County and Tourism Association in the industry
  • Develop marketing collateral
  • Identify additional target markets
  • Engage in strategic projects
  • Further develop lines of communication with tourism stakeholders
  • Develop strategic partnerships
In the corporate structure of the County, the Tourism Office reports through the CAO to the Economic Development Committee.

Tourism Studies and Statistics