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7 Wonders
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The Seven Wonders of Lanark County Driving Tour

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1. From
Ottawa to Five-Span Stone Bridge, Pakenham :

Start at: Highway 417 (The Queensway) heading Westbound at Scotiabank Place for 27 kmFive Span Bridge - Pakenham

  • Take exit 169 for Regional Road 20 (Ch. de traverse, Kinburn Side Road, Pakenham/Kinburn)
  • Turn left to head west towards Pakenham on Kinburn Side Rd/Regional Road 20 for 6 km
  • Parking is available on both sides of the Five Span Bridge.

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2. From Five-Span Bridge to St. Peter Celestine Church7 Wonders St Peter Church small


Start at: Five Span Bridge, Pakenham

  • Continue west across the Five Span Bridge Kinburn Side Rd/County Road 20 for 100 m
  • Turn left on County Road 29 for 240 m
  • Take the 1st right onto Renfrew St for 120 m
  • St. Peter Celestine Church is on the left at 139 Renfrew St.

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3. From St. Peter Celestine Church to Mill of Kintail Conservation Area



Start at: St Peter Celestine Church, PakenhamMill of Kintail




  • Head back, southeast on Renfrew St to County Road 29.
  • Turn right on County Road 29 and head south for 9.3 km
  • Turn right at Bennies Corners Rd for 1.5 km
  • Turn left on Concession Road 8 for 1 km
  • Entrance for Mill of Kintail is on the left

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4. From Mill of Kintail Conservation Area to
Blueberry Mountain



Blueberry Mountain is located on private property. A guest book and supply of liability waiver forms are available at the trail entrance.

Start at: Mill of Kintail Conservation Area

  • Head southeast on Concession Road 8 to Wolfe Grove R7 Wonders Blueberry Mountain smalld – 4.8 km
  • Turn right at Wolf Grove Rd (County Road 16) for 23.5 km
  • Turn right at County Road 511 (towards Calabogie) for 6.0 km
  • Turn left at French Line Rd for 7.7 km
  • Continue onto Lavant Darling Rd for 5.6 km
  • Turn right at Flower Station Rd for 6.2 km
  • Turn right at Hills of Peace Rd for 1.4 km to parking area at the end of this road

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5. From Blueberry Mountain to Purdon Conservation Area (Showy Lady’s Slipper Orchids)

Start at: Blueberry Mountain Hills of Peace Rd Lanark Highlands

  • Head back southwest on Hills of Peace Rd 1.4 km tPurdon Conservation Areao Flower Station Rd
  • Turn left at Flower Station Rd for 6.2 km
  • Turn right at Black Creek Rd for 11.2 km
  • Turn left at S Lavant Rd (County Road 16) for 2.1 km
  • Turn right at Umphersons Mill Rd for 4.6 km
  • Turn left at Concession Road 8 (Umphersons Mill Rd S) for 5.4 km
  • Purdon Conservation Area is on the right 

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6. From Purdon Conservation Area to Murphy's Point Provincial Park/ Silver Queen Mica Mine


Start at: Purdon Conservation Area



  • Head south on Concession Road 8 (Umphersons Mill Rd S) for 2.1 km, toward Watson’s Corners Rd (County Road 8)
  • Turn right at Watsons Corners Rd (County Road 8) for 3.1 km Turn left at McDonalds Corners Rd (County Road 12) for 9.7 km Turn right at Fallbrook Rd (County Road 7) for 5.8 km
  • Turn left to stay on Fallbrook Rd (County Road 7) for 2.7 km
  • Turn right at County Road 511 for 6.8 km
  • Turn left at Highway 7 for 650 m towards the Town of Perth
  • Turn right at Wilson St (signs for Perth Business Section) for 1.4 kmSilver Queen Mica Mine
  • Turn left at Foster St for one block
  • Take the 1st right onto Gore St and proceed southeast through town for 1.3 km
  • Continue southeast (Gore St. becomes Rideau Ferry Rd./ County Rd. 1) for 6 km
  • Turn right at Elm Grove Rd (County Rd 21) heading southwest for 11 km
  • Entrance to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park and the Silver Queen Mica Mine is on the left. Daily vehicle permit fees are applicable.

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7. From Silver Queen Mica Mine to Stewart Park

Start at: Murphys Point Provincial Park



  • As you exit the park laneway head northeast on Elm Grove Rd (County Rd 21) for 11 km

  • Turn left on Rideau Ferry Rd (County Rd 1) for 6 kStewart Park - Perthm
  • Continue on Gore St heading northwest for 1 km
  • Turn left on Market St. (immediately after Perth Town Hall, 80 Gore St E)
  • Stewart Park is located directly behind the Perth Town Hall and Band Shell

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To return back to Ottawa, Scotiabank Place

Start at: Perth Town Hall, 80 Gore St E

  • Head northwest on Gore St for 100 m
  • Turn right on Colborne St and proceed through the Tay Basin/Glass Palace parking area 150 m to Drummond St.
  • Turn left on Drummond St for 1.6 km
  • Turn right on Highway 7 (towards the Town of Carleton Place) for 54 km
  • Take Highway 417 Eastbound for 5 km to arrive back at Scotiabank Place

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