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Warden & Council Members

2015 Coucil Photo

Number of Councillors

The Council of the Corporation of the County of Lanark is composed of two (2) representatives from each of the local municipalities which form part of the County of Lanark. A member of County Council can not take his/her seat until the local municipal Council has filed a certified resolution with the County Clerk stipulating the names of the two (2) local municipal representatives and specifying the weighted vote to be allocated to each member (By-Law No. 97-13).

The County of Lanark acts as the consolidated municipal service manager on behalf of the separated Town of Smiths Falls for the provision of Social Housing, Child Care, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). The County also acts as the municipal services manager on behalf of the Town of Smiths Falls for the provision of Land Ambulance and Long Term Care. The Town of Smiths Falls appoints a maximum of two (2) representatives to the Lanark County Community Services Committee and Corporate Services Committee.

Members of Council 2015-2018

706 Kidd Road
  Ashton, ON K0A 1B0
  (613) 257-5409
Richard Kidd 
Township of Beckwith 
622 Bluebird Hill, Rockhaven Park
  Carleton Place, ON K7C 4R3
  (613) 257-1645
Sharon Mousseau 
Deputy Reeve
Township of Beckwith 
11 Lake Ave.
  Carleton Place ON  K7C 1L1
Louis Antonakos 
Town of Carleton Place
475 Maple Lane 
  Carleton Place ON  K7C 3S4
Jerry Flynn
Deputy Mayor
Town of Carleton Place
620 Churchill Rd.
  Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S4
  (613) 264-8404
Aubrey Churchill 
Township of Drummond/North Elmsley
377 Code Rd.
  Perth, ON K7H 3C8
  (613) 264-0432
Gail Code 
Deputy Reeve
Township of Drummond/North Elmsley
8 Walgate Avenue.
  Nepean, ON K2E 6M2
  (613) 253-4609
Brian Stewart 
Township of Lanark Highlands
164 Hall Shore Rd.
  McDonald's Corners, ON K0G 1M0
  (613) 278-0647
John Hall 
Deputy Mayor
Township of Lanark Highlands
120 Smith Lane
  Pakenham ON  K0A 2X0
  (613) 256-9834
Shaun McLaughlin 
Municipality of Mississippi Mills
23 Mary St.
Box 1376
  Almonte ON  K0A 1A0
  (613) 256-3576
Jane Torrance 
Municipality of Mississippi Mills
1112 Matheson Drive
  Smiths Falls, ON K7A 5B8
  (613) 283-5270
Bill Dobson 
Township of Montague
127 Rainbow Valley Dr.
  Smiths Falls ON  K7A 5B8
Klaas Van Der Meer 
Deputy Reeve
Township of Montague
5 Grant Street
  Perth, ON K7H 1X3
  (613) 264-8078
John Fenik 
Town of Perth
27 Sunset Boulevard
  Perth, ON K7H 2X3
  (613) 267-4102
John Gemmell 
Deputy Mayor
Town of Perth
4034 Scotch Line Road
  Perth, ON K7H 3C5
  (613) 267-4025
Keith Kerr 
Tay Valley Township
126 MacMillan Dr. 
Perth ON  K7H 3C5 
Brian Campbell  
Deputy Reeve
Tay Valley Township