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Public Works
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The Public Works Department builds, operates, repairs and maintains the County road network consisting of 565 two-lane kilometres of roads and 77 bridge and culvert structures with spans greater than three metres. The Department also manages three patrol yards, one office building, three gravel pits and a fleet of 30 vehicles. The 27 full-time employees in the Department are organized into four divisions: administration, fleet and equipment, operations, and construction.  

The Public Works Department strives to provide a safe, efficient and affordable network of County roads and bridges to meet the transportation needs of Lanark County residents, businesses and visitors.  This includes sanding, salting and plowing of the County roads during the winter months.  To report road conditions and concerns that require an immediate response please contact the Public Works Department as indicated in the Winter Road Maintenance Operations Manual. It is committed to providing a safe workplace where all employees are active team members and to meeting or exceeding provincial standards for the maintenance and construction of roads and bridges. The Department emphasizes value, quality and service and is constantly improving operations. It works with municipalities and the provincial government to address County interests and respond to the needs of our citizens and businesses.

The Public Works Department reports to the Public Works Committee of Lanark County Council.