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Social Services
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The Social Services Department provides a diverse range of community and human services, which are responsive to the unique and changing needs of our community. The department is organized into four divisions: Social Housing, Ontario Works, Children’s Services and Adult Protective Services.  The department’s vision is to provide a range of high-quality social services that are responsive to the unique and changing needs of our community and which reflect and value the contribution of all those who actively participate.  To realize this vision, we strive to demonstrate the shared values of respect, commitment, flexibility and trust. We are committed to integrating services and ministry-led changes with the current programs and services offered, and staff are encouraged and motivated to provide competent and dependable services and to achieve goals.  
The Social Services Department reports to the Community Services Committee of Lanark County Council.

NOTE:  Change to application process for rent-geared-to-income housing...

Effective March 1, 2013 the administration of the wait list for rent-geared-to-income housing will be transferred from the Lanark County Housing Corporation to Lanark County Social Housing.  All current applications will be transferred and their placement on the wait list will not be affected.  All new applications or inquires should be sent to: 

Lanark County Social Housing
99 Christie Lake Road
Perth, ON K7H 3C6
613-267-4200 ext 2402, or toll-free at 1-888-952-6275. 
Email:  housingapplications@lanarkcounty.ca

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