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Long-Term Care
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Considering a Move to Long-Term Care?

The Placement Coordination Service of the South East Community Care Access Centre provides an information and referral service to nursing homes, homes for the aged and complex continuing care. Call (613)-310-CCAC (2222), or go to their website at http://www.310ccac.ca

Consider Lanark Lodge


Lanark Lodge is a municipal Long-Term Care Home owned and operated by the County of Lanark that offers 163 beds providing 24-hour nursing and personal care services, accommodation, meals, as well as a variety of social and recreational activities. It is a regulated health care service provider governed by the Long-Term Care Homes Act (2007) and its supporting Regulations. The home is fully accredited by Accreditation Canada, and is an active member of the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors.


Lanark Lodge provides food and space to the Rideau Lakes Meals on Wheels program.


Lanark Lodge is a modern spacious home providing accommodation, meals and a variety of programs and services for 163 residents. Within the home there are four residential neighbourhoods. One of the neighbourhoods, The Maples, provides a progressive special care home for residents who have significant memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. The Evergreens and Honeysuckle Haven are located on the second floor, and Oak Ridge is located on the first floor.

Lanark Lodge is subject to County of Lanark By-Law 2032–2000. This By-Law states that the County of Lanark will provide a smoke-free environment for employees and residents. It prohibits smoking in all motor vehicles, offices and buildings owned, leased or operated by the County of Lanark, and also to ensure fire safe environments within all facilities and motor vehicles by any person. On June 30, 2006 Lanark Lodge became a non-smoking home; in accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act and O.Reg 48/06.  Residents, like any other member of the public may smoke outdoors; no closer than 9 metres from the building entrance. 

The Long-Term Care Department reports to the Community Services Committee of Lanark County Council.