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County Forests
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In 1938, the County of Lanark purchased its first block of Community Forest – 648 hectares in Lavant Township. At the same time, the County entered into an agreement with the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources to manage the community forests. Over the years, the County purchased additional blocks of land, the last block in 1987, giving the County a total of 4,638 hectares of forests. On April 25, 2001, and in compliance with Section 12 of the Forestry Act, Lanark County passed By-Law Number 2001-07, terminating the forestry agreement with the province and giving the County full responsibility for managing the forests. The County’s Public Works Department performs land management tasks.


The County’s goal is to maintain a mosaic of healthy community forests that are managed sustainably and to provide social, economic, scientific (knowledge), cultural and spiritual benefits to the people of Lanark.


Forestry reports to the Community Development Committee of Lanark County Council.

Lanark County Forest Cover Map
Please click on the following link to view the Lanark County Forest Cover map.