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Town of Carleton Place
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Carelton Place MapCarleton Place
has emerged in recent years as a very popular place to live. Situated in Lanark County, the town offers a quieter, less expensive quality of life with excellence in schools and recreational facilities.

Considered the Pride of the Mississippi River, Carleton Place offers a wide range of recreational and cultural opportunities along with the distinction of having the oldest canoe club in Canada.

The Town is a 5 minute drive to the City of Ottawa border, only 15 minutes to Scotiabank Place, and 30 minutes from downtown via Highway 417.

Carleton Place
has enjoyed above average growth over the past few years. From 1996 to 2001, the Town's population grew by 7.1%. Its proximity to the National Capital region, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, provides access to a large pool of skilled workers, which makes it a strategic location for business.

Carleton Place has carefully planned for its growth with a multi-year capital program for infrastructure and amenities. The plan includes rehabilitation of municipal underground water and sewer mains, construction of a new filtration plant and a new elevated water storage tank.

Lanark County's history is steeped in the woolen industry. Although its many mills have long since disappeared, a faint echo can be heard from Carleton Place. The Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers Ltd. still grades and processes wool for shipment to manufacturers in Canada and overseas.


Its venerable history is sharply contrasted by the bustling and multi-faceted industrial sector found in today's Carleton Place. With a focus in high technology, local industries range from software development and electronic components to fibre optics and the broad mix from its largest employer, Spar Aerospace.

The Town of Carleton Place boasts three industrial parks. Each one is fully serviced with water, sanitary sewers, electric utilities, natural gas and paved roadways. Combined, the parks have a total area of close to 150 acres, much of which is available for development.

To complement its industrial parks, Carleton Place has a thriving business community. There is available commercial space ranging in size from 1,500 to 25,000 sqft. For details, contact the Community Development Office.

In addition to its industrial growth focused infrastructure improvements, the Town has added a full range of new and upgraded recreation, culture, health and education facilities.

Town of Carleton Place

175 Bridge Street

Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 2V8

Phone: (613) 257-6200

Fax: (613) 257-8170

Email: info@carletonplace.ca

Website: www.carletonplace.ca

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm