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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why does the County of Lanark have seasonal load restrictions?
During the spring thaw period, some roads within the County of Lanark cannot withstand heavy loads.

When do reduced load restrictions go into effect and when do they come off?

Reduced load restrictions (5 tonnes per axle) are in force every spring on those County Roads that are posted with the appropriate signs. This year reduced loads are in force effective Monday, March 10th, 2014.  more...  When the likelihood of road damage has diminished, load restrictions are lifted and the signs removed. Please click on the following link... for information regarding the County Roads that are affected by the restriction.

During the winter, who do I contact to report conditions on county roads that require an immediate response?
To report road conditions and concerns that require an immediate response, please contact the Public Works Department at 613-267-1353 or Toll Free 1-888-952-6275.  For more information click here.

I want to make a claim for damages – what do I do?

If you allege that injuries or damages have occurred as a result of the failure of the Corporation of the County of Lanark to maintain a road under its jurisdiction in a reasonable state of repair, you must submit a written Notice of Claim within 10 days of the occurrence.  Refer to the Notice of Action Procedures fact sheet for more information.


What is a Noxious Weed? Is Goldenrod classified as noxious?

Goldenrod is not classified as a noxious weed, however there are 23 weeds that are classified as noxious that could potentially affect agricultural lands. To view pictures of these and other Ontario weeds click on Ontario Weed Gallery.  For more answers to other frequently asked questions you can also refer to the Ministry of Agriculture & Food’s Frequently Asked Questions and the Weed Control Act. For further enquiries contact the Customer Service Representative or the County Weed Inspector at (613)267-1353 or Toll Free 1-888-952-9675.

How do I "Adopt a Roadway"?
Your organization can help to keep our County roads litter-free by entering into an agreement with the County of Lanark to collect debris from a County road.  For those concerned with litter and keeping the local road system clean and attractive see attached information notice.

Do I need permission to construct or alter an entrance to my property from a County Road?

Yes, you must submit an application to the Public Works Department for each proposed entrance. Entrance Policy, Application, and Information Package

There is a dead deer on the County Road – what should I do?
  Contact Customer Service at (613)267-1353 or Toll Free 1-888-952-9675 to report the location and it will be picked up between Monday and Friday during normal working hours. 

Is there a long-term plan for improvements to County roads and bridges?

Yes, projects are scheduled based on a Ten-Year Capital Program that is reviewed annually by County Council.

  I am planning a special event, such as a parade or charity drive, on a County Road, what do I need to do? 
Submit your County Road Special Event Application a minimum of 28 days prior to the event to the Director of Public Works. The Director will approve or deny same.

 I am a farmer and want to know what I can do to reduce snow drifts on the County road adjacent to my field? 
Leaving several rows of corn along the road, to act as a natural snow fence, is one alternative.  If you are interested in discussing such an arrangement please contact our office.  

What if I notice that a stop sign or crucial warning sign is down or missing? 
This is a potential safety hazard.  Please contact customer service at (613)267-1353 or Toll Free 1-888-952-9675 as soon as possible to report the location of the missing sign.  If it is after hours press 6 to leave a detailed message to have the on-call supervisor paged.

I am a supplier or contractor.  How do I get on your bidders list?
Click on the following PrintNet Link to have your name added to our Tender Contact List.  You will need to create a Password and User Name:

How do I apply to install a directional sign to my business on a County Road?
Refer to the Policy for Commercial Identification signs and submit the Application Form with the required fee for approval.

Do I need a permit to pave or excavate my driveway?

Paving, excavating or altering your driveway on the County road allowance can create a slope that could be damaged by a snow plough or cause drainage problems.  Before doing such work, you must contact the Public Works Department at (613) 267-1353 and complete a form.  An inspection of the site will be done and you will receive a written letter of approval to allow you to proceed.


I would like to know about the recycling and waste disposal services in my area.  Who do I contact?

Recycling and Waste Disposal services are handled by the local municipalities (towns and townships), rather than at the County Level.  Please contact your local municipality.  Contact information can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the “Local Municipalities" page of the Lanark County Website.

I'm considering planting new trees on my property. What type should I plant and where should I plant them?
Hydro One currently is promoting planting "The Right Tree, The Right Place". More information...