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Our Local Flavour campaign is now underway! Look for the following signs and enjoy what Lanark County has to offer.

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The Lanark County Agricultural Advisory Working Group reviews all issues relating to agriculture that are referred to the committee for comment. It also addresses any issues arising from the farming community and reports to Council. The County provides administrative and procedural assistance to the committee.

The Agricultural Advisory Working Group holds at least six meetings per year, on the second Thursday of every second month at 7:30pm.

Lanark County is a diverse community where farmers and agri-business work together to enhance an economic climate of fairness and opportunity with their neighbours. To that end, the Agricultural Advisory Working Group strives to provide priority and direction for municipal concerns relating to agriculture that will contribute to a prosperous and sustainable farming community in Lanark County.


The working group advises Council on behalf of the County’s farmers, farm organizations and agricultural support industries and helps Council to achieve Lanark County’s agricultural vision. It encourages public awareness and education about agricultural and rural issues. The working group also provides comments and recommendations on legislation, programs and reports from other agencies and levels of government. It strives to take a proactive approach by recommending to Council initiatives, alternative solutions and plans for agriculture economic development and enhancement of agriculture in Lanark County.


The Lanark County Agricultural Advisory Working Group reports to the Community Development Committee of Lanark County Council.