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County Council & Committee Public Delegations

County Council & Committee Public Delegations

As per sub-section 8.4 of the 2006-43 Procedural By-Law:

Persons who wish to appear as delegations must submit a written request outlining the purpose of their delegation to appear before a Committee, at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

Delegations shall be assigned to a Committee of the Whole agenda and only assigned to a Council agenda if time sensitive.

Delegations with time sensitive issues or in regards to items on the agenda that have not submitted a request within the specified time may be heard by the Committee by a majority vote.

Delegations are to be limited to ten (10) minutes followed by a question period for Committee or Council Members.

The role of the delegations is to provide information and not enter into debate with Council or Committee Members or staff.

Verbal reports will be accepted; however, written and electronic reports are preferred and shall be retained by the Clerk as an official record.

Delegations may speak at a meeting only with respect to matters listed on the agenda for that particular meeting.

Delegations who have previously appeared on the same subject matter, shall be limited to providing new information only in their subsequent appearances.

Delegations consisting of more than one person shall be limited to two (2) speakers, being limited to no more than five (5) minutes each.  The second speaker shall not repeat information provided by the previous speaker from that delegation and will be confined by the Chair to presenting new and/or additional information.

Please contact the Clerk’s office at clerk@lanarkcounty.ca
or at (613) 267-4200 ext. 1501