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The mandate of the Finance Department is to provide financial information, advice and planning to County Council, management, staff and the public and ensure the requirements of the Municipal Act and provincial programs are met in the context of financial management and tax policies. It manages all financial resources with prudence and probity and monitors and analyses financial performance of departments and the County as a whole.  The department strives to develop short- and long-term financial blueprints that support the strategic directions of Council, protect the County’s financial position and minimize the risk to the taxpayer. It has established fair financial and business practices and policies that promote accountability and controllership, and works to identify and mitigate areas of financial risk to the corporation. Finance Advisory staff assists the County with decision making. They identify risks, lend insight into the corporation’s financial position and undertake strategic initiatives that promote innovation and critical thinking. The department provides essential financial support and stewardship services, provides leadership during budget processes, analyzes financing and funding opportunities and recommends appropriate courses of action. 

The Finance Department reports to the Corporate Services Committee of Lanark County Council.