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Warden's Message
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2014 Warden Richard Kidd

Richard Kidd

Welcome to Lanark County and thank you for visiting our website! 

I am honoured to serve as Warden for 2014 and I look forward to the opportunity to represent and promote Lanark County.

I am the 5th generation to live on our family farm in Beckwith Township and am proud to call Lanark County my home. Lanark County is unique in its geographical make-up which includes the Canadian Shield, prime agricultural land and bordering the National Capital area. This gives the County a distinct opportunity to attract new residents while retaining the current population we already have.

This year, our council will be embracing many challenges, such as balancing infrastructure spending while limiting tax increases. We continue to find ways to extend road life through progressive strategies and are constantly reviewing our operations to find cost savings. We work hard to meet these challenges and to have our voices heard on issues at both the Federal and Provincial levels of government that affect all of us.

Lanark County Council has become a great team of decision makers with the support of staff. Our Council is made up of two representatives from each lower tier municipality in Lanark County. County Council and outstanding staff clearly see the important balance between fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth. We are being vigilant and are constantly looking at the longer term in our planning.

I hope you take the opportunity to explore Lanark County’s rich historical past along with its endless economic opportunities for the future.