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Information Technology
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The mandate of the Information Technology (IT) Department is to ensure the corporation has the information technology resources and direction to deliver its programs to the public in the most efficient, effective manner. The IT Department is a corporate service available for advice and training to all County staff, councillors and participating local municipalities. It is committed to the highest standards of customer service possible.

The department assesses and delivers the technology needs of the County and its participating local municipalities in order to help with the delivery of programs and services to the public. It is developing and implementing an Information Management/Information Technology strategic plan that complements the County’s strategic directions and vision, including standard hardware and software acquisitions and maintenance, applications and long-term viability.

Partnerships with local municipalities are important to the department in order to promote coordinated approaches to information technology throughout the County. The Department also develops standards and policies for systems and resources and their use; provides project management expertise for various information technology projects (including a Geographic Information System); develops database applications and reports to meet the information needs of staff, management, Council and the public; and keeps abreast of technology trends and recommends changes and upgrades to programs and services as appropriate.

For the County of Lanark Acceptable Use Policy

The Information Technology Department reports to the Corporate Services Committee of Lanark County Council.

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