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Keith Thompson
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Keith Thompson Award

Our next Award recipient is Mr. Keith Thompson of north of Clayton in Lanark Highlands and is receiving a his Award in the categories of Heritage and Volunteerism. Keith was nominated by Ms Leah Truscott, with letters of support from Janine McLeod, Neil Thomas, Sylvia Droughan, Marjorie Campbell, Cathy Thomas, Patrick Wohler, and David Truscott for his outstanding work with the Lanark County section of the Ontario Genealogical website.

Researching your family tree, the history of your ancestors, the beginnings of your community is not easy. But if you are from or in Lanark County it is much easier thanks to the work of Mr. Thompson

The Lanark County genealogical website was created In November 1998 by Keith and Mary Croft. Mr. Thompson has hosted the site for seven years and has continued, on a voluntary basis, to maintain it on his own since Ms. Croft retired in 2002.

As part of his extensive contribution to local genealogy this website contains historical documents, photos and family histories from many Lanark County municipalities.

When you think of website maintenance, sitting at a desk for hours at a time, think again, yes this is what Keith does but in addition he has scoured across and to the ends of this County for information for this website. Visiting every cemetery, visiting every cenotaph, photographing of our built heritage,

Ms. Truscott describes Keith’s efforts as a significant contribution that helps people from Canada and around the world “to trace their ancestors’ footsteps, and it brings attention to Lanark County on a national level.” Indeed it does. New information is collected daily and the website content is enriched, enlarged and becomes more and more valuable.

Make no mistake this is a unique and valuable resource for us in Lanark County that draws people to our community, informs people about us and helps people find out more about themselves. It is considered a model for other genealogical websites, it is professional, easy to navigate and a fine research tool.

I urge you all to visit this site, bookmark it, it is on my website and on the County’s website.

When I was reading the covering material what stood out for me as an underlying background was Keith’s kindness and generosity and his striving to help with every query and question. And this is echoed by those who comment on the site’s guest book, I‘ll read just a few…

From the USA ”I have been so grateful for these sites!!! Looking for information on relatives new to me, these sites are invaluable, thank-you, from a hungry searcher, looking for a way home. God Bless you all!”

Dear Keith,
Your web site helped me past a roadblock researching my mother's ancestors, the MILLER's and RADFORD's. Because of your site, I traveled to Canada in September and met 5 relatives I never heared of before this past May. THANKS!

Thanks for all the information. It has been a great help, It has saved me valuable time in tracking down family history. I hope to see where some of my ancestors are buried when I come to visit Ontario. Best wishes from the East Coast of Canada.

Just to let you know this site just keeps getting better and better. Even people from British Columbia just love it. Way to go people from our Lanark county!!

What can I say to top that – I echo their words - way to go Keith!

Keith’s award contains a photograph of part of an early Lanark County cemetery one that I’m sure he will recognize.

Media Release:  Keith Thompson