New to Canada? Make the move to a vibrant and inclusive rural community. Explore rewarding career opportunities and a balanced lifestyle when you land in Lanark County.

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Tap Into the Lanark County Advantage

Find out why Lanark County is the perfect place to build a life in Canada. From small-town charm and natural beauty to career development opportunities and urban accessibility, discover six reasons to Land in Lanark.

Six Reasons to Land in Lanark:

 Warm, Small-Town Atmosphere
Arrive in a friendly, family-oriented community of 77,450 strong. Lanark County offers that small-town Canadian feel characterized by warmth, friendliness, and a welcoming atmosphere. 
 Family-Focused Services
Enjoy a rich array of supportive, family-friendly amenities in Lanark County. Lanark County has everything you need to raise a family, with 2,119 licensed childcare spaces, 27 elementary and secondary schools, 27 recreation centres, 9 museums, and much more.
 Career Opportunities
Connect with leading employers in the region. Tap into a thriving job market with opportunities to grow in industries such as skilled trades, healthcare, technology, education, and more. 
 Urban Accessibility
Benefit from Lanark County's proximity to Canada's Capital. Located only 60 minutes West of downtown Ottawa, Lanark County offers quick access to urban amenities while giving you the peace of rural living.
 Natural Amenities
Get out and explore the region's surrounding natural amenities. Lanark County is where to build a life amid nature, with 102 parks, 91 nature reserves, 273 km of trails, and much more.
 Inclusive Community Engagement

Make yourself at home in our welcoming communities. The Local Immigration Partnership of Lanark & Renfrew supports communities in creating welcoming and inclusive communities for newcomers in Canada.

See It For Yourself

Learn about the vibrant community, the abundant natural amenities, and the compelling reasons to move here. See what makes Lanark County a wonderful place to live, work, and grow in Canada with these videos.

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a family riding bicycles on a trail
Discover the exceptional quality of life that makes Lanark County the perfect place to call home.
an overhead shot of people on bikes riding over a bridge
Experience the beauty of Lanark County – uncover stunning locations and landscapes that await you!

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