The Public Works Department builds, operates, maintains and repairs the County road network consisting of more than 560 two-lane kilometres of roads, 1 four-lane kilometre of road and 84 bridge and culvert structures. The Department also manages three patrol yards, three gravel pits and the business office. The Public Works fleet includes approximately 40 vehicles including light and heavy trucks, heavy equipment, trailers and various tools and equipment. The Department is organized into four divisions: Operations, Construction, Administration and Fleet and Facilities.

We strive to provide a safe, efficient and affordable network of County roads and bridges to meet the transportation needs of Lanark County residents, businesses and visitors.

We are committed to providing a safe workplace where all employees are active team members and to meeting or exceeding provincial standards.

The Department emphasizes value, quality and service and adapts to manage changes in our County to constantly improve operations. We work with municipalities and the provincial government to address County interests and respond to our citizens and businesses.

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