Lanark County is providing the public with an in-person update on the Blakeney Bridge replacement design and schedule. County staff will be on hand to answer questions as well.

The public information centre (PIC) will be held in a drop-in format on Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Almonte and District Community Centre, 182 Bridge St., Almonte.


  • Acrow awarded contract for the supply of the modular bridge

  • Tender for the construction of the new bridge to be advertised in late March/ early April
  • Construction work scheduled for June-Dec, 2024.
  • Hydro relocation work complete.
  • Replacement west bridge alignment kinked to provide for improved approach.

  • Environmental Update:
    • Department of Fisheries and Oceans has provided approval to proceed with the work regarding fish habitat.
    • Currently drafting a mitigation plan for species at risk
    • Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report (CHER) completed and confirmed bridge has cultural heritage value
    • Heritage Impact Assessment currently being updated to account for the latest design details.
    • Stage 1 & 2 Archaeology assessment completed and confirmed no indication of archaeological remains with cultural heritage value or interest within the proposed development area.



Blakeney Bridge (B#41), Blakeney Road (Twp. Bndr’y Bridge), MTO Site #015-0036


 Blakeney Bridge

Approach View Looking South, 2015 OSIM

 Blakeney Bridge

Elevation View, 2015 OSIM


Blakeney Bridge is located on Blakeney Road, approximately 1 km east of County Road 29, 8km downstream of Almonte and 11 km upstream of Pakenham.  The Blakeney Road provides convenient access for farmers, locals of the hamlet, and tourists.  The crossing was originally constructed in 1912 and is on a straight alignment that consists of three separate structures spanning the Mississippi River via two islands.  A single span and two-span bridges make up the crossing with a single lane wide deck:

  • West Bridge: 87’ 2-span bridge
  • Middle Bridge: 87’  2-span bridge
  • East Bridge: single 43’ span bridge


The Structure is made up of twin steel girders with steel floor beams and stringers. The structures are deficient in load carry capacity, with a 12-tonne load limit imposed, and substandard in width, with a single 4.9m lane.

Blakeney Bridge is considered a Lanark County “Boundary Bridge” because it is located on the former intermunicipal boundary between Pakenham and Ramsay Township. It is unknown when the Bridge became a County responsibility, but existing records indicate the bridge has been a County bridge dating back to at least the 1940’s. Despite the amalgamation of Pakenham and Ramsay township into Mississippi Mills in 1998, County Council continues to have no appetite for downloading the bridge even though it is located on a township road.

Historically, boundary bridges were transferred to the upper tiers in order to gain eligibility for provincial supplementary funding administered by the Ministry of Transportation known as the Boundary Bridge Fund that was available to Counties for rehabilitating or reconstructing Boundary Bridges.

Past rehabilitation work included a deck replacement in 1975 that consisted of metal planking with a 8” thick reinforced concrete slab.  

Remedial work was completed in 1993 in order to prevent the collapse of the abutment.

The Blakeney Bridge was previously selected for replacement in 1995 as a result of expected Provincial Government funding.  Replacement was favoured over rehabilitation due to the alignment of the approaches and the narrow width.  An Alternative Bridge Replacement Report was prepared by McNeely Engineering (predecessor to Stantec) that resulted in a final replacement design and contract package.  When Bill 26 eliminated Boundary Bridge funding from the Province, the Government subsidy was phased out and the construction never took place.  The Alternatives Report, dated November 1995, noted that the 12 tonne load limit posting was appropriate at that time.  

In 2000, the County undertook a major rehabilitation of the Blakeney Bridge in order to extend the life of the structure by 25 years.  The rehabilitation included replacing the railings with a new thrie beam guiderail and handrail and repairing the substructure and superstructure, which involved removal and replacement of sections of the deck and wingwalls and the entire ballast wall at all abutments.  New approach guiderail systems were also installed at this time. The rehabilitated structure remained at a load posting of 12 tonnes.

An emergency repair was completed in 2007 as a result of severe undermining of the east girder bearing plate on the north abutment due to a large spall.

An enhanced bridge master inspection was completed in 2017 with a follow up structural design report in 2019 recommending replacement of the bridge and three abutments.

In 2019, a corrosion perforated girder was repaired with the installation of a steel column on the west abutment.

The 2021 regular biannual inspection noted stringers requiring strengthening and large-scale delamination of the concrete deck.

An enhanced inspection was completed in September 2022 during low water flow and the Engineer was able to undertake an unconstrained inspection on the underside of the bridge using waders and a ladder. The structural steel, which is all original, was found to be in fair condition except for the girder ends due to leaking expansion joints. There is significant web thinning and section loss at the girder ends with numerous perforations. The substructure concrete is in poor condition and continues to disintegrate and erode from hydraulic scour forces. Concrete repairs completed in 2000 have started to de-bond and fail. The concrete deck which was replaced in 1975 has widespread delamination on over 50% of the area and there is a strong possibility of a deck punching failure occurring in the near future. Due to the rapidly deteriorating deck surface and the severe stringer and girder end corrosion that has was observed, the report recommends reducing the load posting to 5 tonnes and replacing the bridge as soon as possible.

The County is currently coordinating remedial structural steel and concrete deck repairs in order to maintain the existing 12 tonne load limit.

The bridge is planned for replacement in 2023 or 2024 with a modular panel bridge. Replacement with a single lane vs two lane is to be determined once the public consultation process is complete.

Blakeney Bridge 

Abutment Wall, 2015 OSIM 


 Blakeney Bridge

Wing Wall, 2015 OSIM


A Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report (CHER) is underway for the bridge and landscape surrounding the bridge. This report will examine how the project may lead to adverse effects on cultural resources, including potential adverse effects to heritage value and character defining elements of known cultural resources. See attached link for further details.


A Stage 1 and Stage 2 Archeological Assessment is currently underway in support of the proposed bridge replacement. Work is being completed under the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism guidelines. The report will identify if any archaeological resources are on the site, and if so, are they of sufficient cultural heritage value or interest requiring a Stage 3 assessment.


Municipal Class EA Screening Results

Draft Archeological Report

Notice of Study Commencement

The Project

The County of Lanark is undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the review of alternatives for the Blakeney Bridge, located in the hamlet of Blakeney, over the Mississippi River, approximately 8km downstream of Almonte. The options review is a priority for the County due to the bridge’s age and condition, posted weight restriction, and its potential cultural and heritage value.  As part of the Environmental Assessment process, options for the bridge reconstruction include replacement with a single-lane versus a two-lane structure.


The Study Process

The project is being initiated in accordance with the latest edition of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Manual issued by the Municipal Engineers Association. The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process applies to municipal infrastructure projects including road and bridge works. This project is proceeding as a Schedule ‘B’ undertaking but is subject to change.


How to Participate

Public and agency consultation is an important component of the Environmental Assessment process.  In addition to this notice, a Public Information Centre (PIC) is scheduled for December 1, 2022 at the Almonte Community Centre, as detailed below. The public is invited to review options, ask questions, and provide comments. 


The PIC will consist of a drop-in format with displays showing design options and information regarding their cultural heritage impacts. Staff from the County will be on hand to answer any questions.


Any person who cannot attend the in-person PIC detailed below may submit their comments to the following email no later than December 7, 2022: 


Public Information Centre

Date:              Thursday, December 1, 2022

Time:              6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m          .                                              

Location:        Almonte & District Community Centre

182 Bridge St., Almonte, ON


Subject to comments received and the receipt of necessary approvals, the County of Lanark intends to proceed with the planning, design and construction of this project.


More information may be found at the County’s website at:


If you are interested in receiving further information on this project, please contact the following individual:


Sean Derouin, P.Eng., CET

Public Works Manager

County of Lanark

99 Christie Lake Road, Perth ON

K7H 3C6

Telephone (613) 267-1353

Fax (613) 267-2793



This notice was first issued on November 10, 2022.


Blakeney Bridge Replacement Options

 Modular Bridge Option

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