The county oversees construction, operation, repair and maintenance on more than 560 km of roads and 82 bridge and culvert structures.

  • 45 Bridges
    • 2 shared with the City of Ottawa
    • 3 shared with the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville
    • 7 bridges are ‘boundary bridges’ not located on a County road
  • 39 Structural Culverts
    • 2 shared with the City of Ottawa
    • 3 are “boundary culverts” not located on a County road
  • 1400+ non structural culverts exceeding 27km in total length
  • 68+ km of 3-cable guiderail
  • 10+ km of steel beam guiderail
  • 5500+ road signs
  • 1300+km of line painting

Glossary of terms

Rehabilitation - Involves the removal or recycling of an existing pavement and placing of new pavement surface course. Normally includes replacement of culverts and repairs or replacement of concrete curbs, sidewalk and drainage structures. Granular base material may be added depending on the process selected.

Resurfacing - Failing areas are patched and roadway is resurfaced with new hot mix asphalt. May also include repairs to concrete curb, sidewalk and drainage structures.

Microsurfacing - An unheated mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, high-quality frictional aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives are mixed and uniformly spread over the pavement surface as a slurry.

Surface Treatment - Failing areas are patched and an application of asphalt emulsion and aggregate chips are spread and rolled onto the roadway. New this year, a fog seal will be applied to seal the aggregate in place, leaving a solid, black driving surface.

Cold-In-Place Recycling - Reprocesses existing pavements to a depth of 100 mm to produce a sound base pavement structure which is then resurfaced with new asphalt.


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