Lanark County's purchasing division facilitates the strategic acquisition of goods, services and construction for the County through adherence to the County's Procurement Policy. We strive to obtain required goods and/or services for the County while achieving the best value through a transparent, fair and competitive process.

Bidding opportunities are completed by various methods. They may be posted below, completed using standing offers or sent directly to suppliers.

Bidding opportunities

Please visit MERX or see below for current bidding opportunities.

Unconfirmed tender results

Results are posted within 24 hours after a tender closing.

PW-C-01-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #6 (Christie Lake Road)

PW-C-02-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #16 (South Lavant Road)

PW-C-04-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #17 (Derry Side Road)

PW-C-05-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #17 (Blakeney Road & Panmure Road)

PW-C-06-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #18 (Port Elmsley Road)

PW-C-07-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #19 (Bennett Lake Road)

PW-C-08-2021-21-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #43 (Highway 43)

PW-C-09-2021-21-E0 - Micro Resurfacing

PW-C-10-2021-21-E0 - Supply and Place Shoulder Gravel

PW-C-11-2021-21-E0 - Culvert Replacements

PW-C-14-2021-21-E0 - Bolton Creek Bridge and Fall River Bridge Rehabilitation

PW-C-16-2021-22-E0 - Rideau Ferry Bridge Rehabilitation

PW-C-19-2021-23-E2 - Hot Mix Patching

PW-M-36-2021-24-E2 - Supply and Delivery of Bulk Coarse Highway Salt

PW-M-50-2021-24-E3 - Combination Tandem Plow Truck and Operator for Winter Maintenance

Documents referenced in bidding documents

In support of its sustainability objectives, the County no longer provides a copy of the below documents as part of its bidding documents.

Accessibility - Customer Service Standards Policy

Clean Equipment Protocol for Industry

Health and Safety Contractor Program

Payment Adjustment for Changes in the Fuel Price Index

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