The County of Lanark has a number of boards and committees that work with Council to address various affairs in our community. The boards and committees provide advice and recommendations to Council on a variety of topics that relate to their mandate. Community members can make a difference in the community by volunteering their expertise, time and talents as a member of a board or committee. 

When positions become available, we invite citizens to take the opportunity to serve on a committee or board.  If you are interested in contributing your expertise, participating in local government and helping to shape the future of your community, please see our current board and committee opportunities listed below. 

We are currently seeking members for the Lanark County Municipal Trails Sub-Committee. Find more information below. Deadline for applications is Monday November 27, 2023.

Current Board and Committee Opportunities
Board and committee members review information, weigh alternatives, and make recommendations to Council, allowing them to make informed decisions. Below are the current board and committee opportunities at the County of Lanark.

Lanark County Municipal Trails Sub-Committee
Lanark County is seeking volunteers to join its Lanark County Municipal Trails Sub-Committee to provide input and perspective on Lanark County trails from a local point of view. Members will be appointed to a three-year term and must be at least 18 years of age, and a resident of, or own property in Lanark County. 

The sub-committee has a mandate to develop, maintain, promote and market County owned trails and to support local trail organizations, with a view to developing a network of area trails. The sub-committee typically meets quarterly on the third Monday of the month at 9:30 a.m.

Up to three (3) public member positions are open.

Deadline for applications is Monday, November 27, 2023.

Applications will be reviewed and confirmed by the Striking Committee in December.

Active County of Lanark Boards and Committees
A variety of committees and boards offer input and advice to County Council on the issues that touch on their respective mandates. 

Lanark County Municipal Trails Sub-Committee
To manage, plan, educate and partner in developing a well-coordinated, sustainable and environmentally responsive trail network within the County of Lanark that balances environmental protection and recreational activity, health and prosperity of a diverse range of users. 

Committee Structure:
  • Up to three (3) public members
  • Warden (ex-officio)
  • Four (4) County Councillors, with no more than one representative from each municipality
  • Three (3) sustainable/paid user group representatives: one (1) from each snowmobile district within the County and one (1) from a local ATV Club

The sub-committee is a Committee of Council and only has the authority to recommend action for Council consideration and shall report through the Economic Development Committee.

Meeting Schedule:
The Committee meets on a quarterly basis (minimum four times per year) or at the call of the Chair.

Supporting Documents:
Lanark County Municipal Trails Sub-Committee Terms of Reference
Agricultural Advisory Working Group
On behalf of Lanark County agricultural sector, advise Council on matters affecting agriculture in the County, including the County's agricultural vision, exchanging information on rural issues and initiatives, encourage public awareness and education and provide recommendations on legislation, initiatives, programs and funding.

Committee Structure:
  • Two (2) County Councillors (one being Chair)
  • Warden (Ex-Officio)
  • One (1) member of Lanark County Federation of Agriculture
  • One (1) Member of Lanark County Dairy Farmers
  • One (1) Member of Lanark County Cattleman's Association
  • One (1) Member of Lanark County Soil and Crop Association
  • One (1) Member representing Agri-Business
  • One (1) Member of Lanark & District Maple Syrup Producers Association
  • One (1) Member of Lanark County Sheep Producer's Association
  • One (1) Member of Lanark County 4-H Association;
  • Two (2) Members-At-Large

The Committee is an advisory Committee to the Economic Development Committee.

Meeting Schedule:
Two (2) scheduled meetings per year (March & October). Additional meetings at the call of the Chair.

Supporting Documents:
Agricultural Advisory Working Group Terms of Reference
Land Division Committee
The Land Division Committee's mandate is to exercise the following powers and authorities:
  • Applications for Consent to Sever a property or for any agreement, mortgage or lease that extends for more than 21 years under Section 54 of the Planning Act.
  • The authority to issue certificates for validation of title in accordance with Section 57 of the Act.
  • Applications for lot additions, right of ways, or easements.
  • Any additional power and authority delegated to it by Council as ratified by Bylaw.

Committee Structure:
  • Three (3) public members


While the Land Division Committee is a Council-appointed tribunal, the Committee exercises its authority autonomously and independent of Council. 

Meeting Schedule:
The Committee meets once each month with the exception of July, typically on the second Tuesday.

Supporting Documents:
Land Division Committee Terms of Reference

Climate Action Working Group
The purpose of the Climate Action Working Group is to:
  • Provide direction to the implementation and monitoring of the Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  • Provide reports and recommendations to County Council about climate action and the CAP
  • Liaise and engage with the community, stakeholders, and lower-tier municipalities in Lanark County, and the Climate Network Lanark (CNL) Working/Advisory Groups about climate action and the CAP
  • Assist, if needed, the lower-tier municipalities in Lanark County with their corporate CAP
  • Respond to climate change concerns from the community by finding opportunities for climate action that address community concerns
  • The committee will work to build a consensus on direction and recommendations for staff to present to the reporting Committee of the Whole meeting

Committee Structure
  • Three (3) elected official representatives from Lanark County Council
  • Members of the executive management team of the County as required
  • Climate Environmental Coordinator
  • County Chief Administrative Officer
  • County Clerk or Deputy Clerk

Other resources will be included as needed dependent on the topic and scope of item discussed, including Climate Network Lanark, Town of Smiths Falls and local municipalities.

The working group is an advisory Committee to the Public Works Committee.

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings will be held as needed to a maximum of six (6) meetings per year, generally on the second Thursday of the month. 

Supporting Documents:
Climate Action Working Group Terms of Reference

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