Property taxes

Property taxes are the responsibility of the local municipal level. If you are unsure as to which municipality your property belongs to, please contact

Tax rates

The tax rate in Lanark County consists of 3 components:

  • Local municipal
  • Lanark County
  • Education

Each of these components is related to the budgetary needs of the three entities. The tax rate is expressed as a percentage of a property's assessed value. Each property class has its own tax rate. The tax rate multiplied by the assessed value, results in the amount of property taxes payable for the year.

Tax rate by-law

Review Lanark County's 2022 Tax rate reductions by-law and 2022 tax rate levied to local municipalities by-law.

Example calculation

Residential Property Example
 Tax Rate AAssessment BProperty Taxes C = A x B
County of Lanark Portion .00414581 $200,000 $829.16
Education (Province) portion .00241000 $200,000 $482.00
Location Municipal portion (AVG) .00686912 $200,000 $1,373.82
Total .0134293   $2,684.98

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