Financial leadership

The finance department provides centralized administration of the County's financial, accounting, taxation, purchasing and risk management services to all departments, external agencies and the public.

Lanark County’s financial information is available to the public in the form of annual budgets, financial statements and annual reports, credit ratings, property tax information and other important disclosures, plans and rates.

Development charges

Development charges are adjusted annually and assist in financial capital projects required to meet the increased need for services resulting from growth and development within Lanark County.

2021 Development Charge Background Study

Lanark County Council passed By-Law No. 2021-42 under subsection 2(1) of the Development Charges Act.

You can review the Development Charges Guide to learn more about what is included in the Development Charges calculation. Applicants should consult with the County's finance department to determine the application charges that may apply to specific development proposals.

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