Lanark County is a member of the Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus.  The thirteen Eastern Ontario Counties have been working regionally to improve Broadband and Cell Service.

The Warden’s Caucus created the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) a non-profit to improve telecommunications across Eastern Ontario. 

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Projects Include:

Broadband Phase 1 (2010-2015)

  • Funded by municipal, provincial and federal governments as well as the private sector
  • $175 million investment in new broadband infrastructure
  • Improved connectivity for approximately 90% of homes and businesses

Cell Gap Project (current)

  • $213 million public-private partnership to address gaps in cellular coverage across the region
  • Primary goal of voice-call service to 99% of demand area, where people live, work and travel

EORN's Gig Project (proposed)

  • Proposing a project to deliver ultra-fast internet speeds to homes and businesses in the region
  • Provide seamless, reliable connectivity needed for business, healthcare, education and other services for years to come.


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A very exciting potential solution for rural internet is Starlink.  

Local Lanark County Beta Testers are experiencing speeds of 20-200mbps and are very happy with the service.

 The cost is $800 for the equipment you can install yourself and $129.99 plus tax each month.

 Starlink is accepting new customers on a gradual basis to ensure sufficient capacity.

 There is a wide variety of information on the internet about the service.  You can visit www.starlink.com to preorder.

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For More Information:

Call 1 (877) 292-0877

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For More Information:

Call 1 (866) 261-4447

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Community Fibre

For More Information:

Call 1 (877) 266-6418

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For More Information:

Call 1 (855) 877-3824


 For More Information:

Call 1 (866) 257-8676

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 For More Information:

Call 1 (866) 547-6939

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 For More Information:

Call 1 (866) 547-6939

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