Lanark County has seen, in a very short amount of time, a fundamental shift in the business climate enriched by startup activity, stronger support for business retention, and accelerated growth of local industries, all contributing to a more diversified local economy. Lanark County’s population is 68,698 (Statistics Canada 2016), comprised of 8 municipalities plus the Town of Smiths Falls.

Population Growth

More recently, Lanark County experienced steady population growth fueled by the significant inward migration of people from elsewhere in Ontario. Out of nearly 300 Census Divisions across Canada, Lanark County ranked 32nd for its net intraprovincial migration rate. The census agglomeration of Beckwith (Township), Carleton Place (Town) and Mississippi Mills (Town) accounts for all net population growth across the county in recent years; 12% between 2013-2018. In fact, in 2018 this agglomeration ranked 3rd out of 152 urban centers across Canada for combined intra- and interprovincial migration.

Business Expansion

In the county, businesses are also in ‘expansion mode’ and there is a growing business base that accounts for a 6% increase in the number of businesses in the past two years. This increase included 113 net new businesses between 2017 and 2019 in farming, construction, manufacturing, and retail, financial and other services. This growth has brought many excellent economic benefits but has also further illuminated the need for a larger workforce to meet the local employment demands.

Labour Market Group Report

Although challenges in the labor market are nothing new, workforce development will be a key priority in Lanark County, as identified in the 2019 Business Retention + Expansion (BR+E) Plan. The plan was developed through numerous and extensive reviews of data from 134 businesses across the county. Workforce Development rose to the top as 1 of 3 key priorities for business. In the report, local employers identified workforce challenges related to the availability of qualified workers, the stability of the workforce and the ability to attract employees. Concerns related to the retention of employees was minute and speaks to the high quality of life in Lanark County.

To review the workforce development actions identified please see page 24 of the Final Report. By way of a service agreement, Valley Heartland Community Futures Development Corporation fulfills economic development services for the County of Lanark. This collaboration continues to be an effective partnership that leverages the strengths of each partner and is driving economic development activities county-wide.

 Statistics and Data

 Lanark County provides a natural advantage for doing business with a skilled workforce   and affordable place to live. Access our data to learn more about why you should   invest in Lanark County. You can review our demographics, labour force, environmental   data etc.

 Quick Stats - Lanark County (including Smiths Falls) based on 2016 Census Data
  • Population: 68,698
  • Population change since 2011: 4.6%
  • Average Age of population: 44.7 years
  • Land Area: 3,036 square kilometres
  • Population Density: 22.6 people per square kilometer
  • Number of private dwelling occupied: 28,580
  • Average total income: $44,111
  • Number of jobs: 21,820
  • Number of people commuting from Lanark County to Ottawa for work: 7,316
  • Number of people commuting within the County for work: 10,320


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