Notices for upcoming public meetings will be posted here. Notices are typically posted at least 20 days prior to the open house or public meeting date. Additional information can be obtained through the planning department during regular business hours from Monday to Friday.

Public Meetings

Notice of Public Meeting for an application for Subdivision Approval - File No. 09-T-20003 Hillcroft Estates (Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022)

OPA Notices

 The County of Lanark SCOP - OPA #10

Notice of OPA and Request for Comments - The County of Lanark SCOP - OPA#10, Lanark Highlands Official Plan - OPA#7, Amendment to Lanark Highlands Zoning By-Law 2003-451 -ZA-05-2020 (November 30, 2020)

Cavanagh Arnott Pit - ARA Application Cover Letter (September 29, 2020)

Cavanagh Application Form - Lanark County SCOP Official Plan Amendment

Cavanagh Application Form - Lanark Highlands Official Plan Amendment

Cavanagh Application Form - Zoning By-Law Amendment

Cavanagh Arnott Pit Site Plan

Cavanagh Arnott Pit - ARA Summary Statement Report

Cavanagh - Groundwater Table Assessment

Cavanagh - NEL 1 and 2 Technical Report

Cavanagh - Noise Impact Assessment

Cavanagh - Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment

Subdivision Notices 

09-T-17003 Smiths Subdivision

Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-17003

Smiths Subdivision - Draft Plan on Subdivision July 9, 2020

Smiths Subdivision - EIS

Smiths Subdivision - GEOTECH

Smiths Subdivision - Hydrogeology Report

Smiths Subdivision - Planning Report

Smiths Subdivision - Signed Draft Plan

Smiths Subdivision - Revised Application

Smiths Subdivision - SWM Report

Smiths Subdivision - Wildland Fire Assessment

09-T-20003 Hillcroft Estates – Revised Submission

Hillcroft Estates - Subdivision Application

Hillcroft Estates - Planning Report

Hillcroft Estates - Traffic Letter Report

Hillcroft Estates - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Hillcroft Estates - Environmental Impact Study

Hillcroft Estates - Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Hillcroft Estates - Hydrogeological Investigation & Terrain Analysis

Hillcroft Estates - Archaeological Assessment

09-T-21001 Perthmore

Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-21001

PP-13-9668_Perthmore Subdivision Application Final

PP-13-9668_Perthmore - Draft Plan

PP-13-9668_Perthmore Planning Rationale Report Final 

PP-13-9668_Perthmore - EIS

0PP-13-9668_Perthmore - Sensitivity Analysis

0PP-13-9668_Perthmore - Preliminary Servicing  and SWM Report

0PP-13-9668_Perthmore - Traffic Impact Study


Re-submission September 2022

Perthmore - Comment-Response Letter

Perthmore - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Perthmore - Planning Rationale

Perthmore - Zoning Sketch

Perthmore - Environmental Impact Study

Perthmore - TIS-Final

Perthmore - Preliminary Servicing & Stormwater Management Report

09-T-21002 Evoy Lands (Hannan Hills)

Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-21002

Planning Rationale

Concept Plan

Draft Plan

Traffic Impact Study

Serviceability and Conceptual Stormwater

Phase 1 ESA

Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation

Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment

09-T-21003 McNeely Landing

Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-21003

20210611 Subdivision Cover Letter

20210611 Subdivision Application Form

20210611 Uniform Planning Rationale

20210603-RSSR Laing Lands EIS


20210610 Servicing-SWM

2021060 TIS

McNeely Landing Draft Plan

PA1189-REP01 Uniform ST1 RSSR Laing Lands

PG5212-1 Paterson Group Report 

PE4834 REP01 Phase 1 ESA

PE4835 REP01 Phase 1 ESA

PE4835 REP01R Phase 1 ESA


Re-submission May 2022

McNeely Landing - Subdivision Application Form - Signed

McNeely Landing - Draft Plan of Subdivision - Signed

McNeely Landing - Planning Rationale

McNeely Landing - Subdivision Comment Response Letter

McNeely Landing - Traffic Impact Study

McNeely Landing - Environmental Impact Study

McNeely Landing - Site Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

NcNeely Landing - Noise Control Feasibility Study

09-T-21004 Gardiner's Grove

Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-21004

Gardiner's Grove - Cover Letter

Gardiner's Grove - Application Form

Gardiner's Grove - Archaeological Assessment Stages 1 and 2

Gardiner's Grove - Conceptual SWM Report

Gardiner's Grove - Draft Plan

Gardiner's Grove - Easement LC166933

Gardiner's Grove - EIS

Gardiner's Grove - Hydro-G Assessment

Gardiner's Grove - Parcel Register

Gardiner's Grove - Planning Rationale Request

Gardiner's Grove - Traffic Review Brief

09-T-21005 Mill Valley Living

Notice of Complete Application and Consultation 09-T-21005

Mill Valley Living - 27R-11680

Mill Valley Living - General Plan of Services

Mill Valley Living - Lot Grading and Drainage Plan

Mill Valley Living - PIN Abstract

Mill Valley Living - Planning Rationale

Mill Valley Living - R Plan 27R-7754

Mill Valley Living - Servicing and Stormwater Management

Mill Valley Living - Signed Draft Plan

Mill Valley Living - Subdivision Application Form

Mill Valley Living - Traffic Impact Study

09-T-22001 – Caivan (Perth Golf Course) Limited

Caivan Limited - Notice of Application and Consultation

 Caivan Limited - Subdivision Application

 Caivan Limited - Planning Rationale

 Caivan Limited - Draft Plan of Subdivision

09-T-22002 Carleton Lifestyles Ltd.

Carleton Lifestyles - Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-22002

Carleton Lifestyles - Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

Carleton Lifestyles - Draft Plan

Carleton Lifestyles - Environmental Impact Statement

Carleton Lifestyles - Planning Rationale

Carleton Lifestyles - Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Carleton Lifestyles - Transportation Impact Assessment Report

 09-T-22003 Hilan Village 

 Hilan Village - Notice of Application and Consultation 09-T-22003

 Hilan Village - Conceptual Stormwater Management Plan

 Hilan Village - Draft Plan Drawings

 Hilan Village - Geotechnical Investigation

 Hilan Village - Servicing Brief

 Hilan Village - Slope Stability Evaluation

 Hilan Village - Draft Plan

 Hilan Village - Archaeological Report

 Hilan Village - Environmental Impact Statement

 Hilan Village - Subdivision Application - signed

 Hilan Village - Planning Report

 Hilan Village - Transportation Impact Assessment

 Hilan Village - Archaeological Assessment

09-T-22004 Grizzly Homes - Franktown Subdivision

Grizzly Homes - Cover Letter

Grizzly Homes - Subdivision Application

Grizzly Homes - Planning Rationale

Grizzly Homes - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Grizzly Homes - Environmental Impact Statement

Grizzly Homes - Stormwater Management Report

Grizzly Homes - Hydrogeological Report

Grizzly Homes - Archaeological Assessment

09-T-22005 Bulat Homes - Boyd Street Subdivision

Bulat Homes - Cover Letter

Bulat Homes - Subdivision Application

Bulat Homes - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Bulat Homes - Landscape Plan

Bulat Homes - Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Bulat Homes - Archaeology Report

Bulat Homes - Urban Design Brief

Bulat Homes - Traffic Brief

09-T-22006 Southwell Homes - Appleton Subdivision

Southwell Homes - Cover Letter

Southwell Homes - Subdivision Application

Southwell Homes - Zoning Application

Southwell Homes - Draft Plan of Subdivision

Southwell Homes - Subdivision Concept Plan

Southwell Homes - Servicing Options Conceptual Stormwater Management Report

Southwell Homes - Deed

Southwell Homes - Environmental Impact Statement

Southwell Homes - Archaeological Report

Southwell Homes - Archaeological Assessment

Southwell Homes - Supplement Groundwater Sampling Program

Southwell Homes - Acknowledgement Letter

Southwell Homes - Acknowledgement Letter

Southwell Homes - Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Southwell Homes - Phase 1 - Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation Program

Southwell Homes - Slope Stability Assessment

Southwell Homes - Hydroeological Assessment and Terrain Analysis

Southwell Homes - Transportation Impact Statement


09-T-23001- 355 Franktown Road

355 Franktown Road - Environmental Impact Statement

355 Franktown Road - Servicing Report

355 Franktown Road - Geotechnical Investigation

355 Franktown Road - Planning Rationale

355 Franktown Road - Draft Plan of Subdivision

355 Franktown Road - Tree Conservation Report

355 Franktown Road - Stage 1 and Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment

355 Franktown Road - Subdivision Application

355 Franktown Road - Phase 1 ESA

355 Franktown Road - Traffic Impact Study

09-T-23002 Mill Valley Estates

Mill Valley Estates - Planning Rationale

Mill Valley Estates - Subdivision Application

Mill Valley Estates - Traffic Impact Assessment

Mill Valley Estates - Archaeological Assessment - Stage 1 and 2

Mill Valley Estates - Draft Plan

Mill Valley Estates - Environmental Impact Assessment

Mill Valley Estates - Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Mill Valley Estates - Geotechnical Investigation

Mill Valley Estates - Land Use Compatibility Study

Mill Valley Estates - Noise Study

09-T-23003 Mill Run Extension

Mill Run Extension - Archaeological Assessment

Mill Run Extension - Draft Plan 

Mill Run Extension - Environmental Impact Statement

Mill Run Extension - Geotechnical Investigation

Mill Run Extension - Grading Plan

Mill Run Extension - Phase I ESA

Mill Run Extension - Plan of Subdivision Application

Mill Run Extension - Planning Rationale

Mill Run Extension - Servicing and Stormwater Management Report

Mill Run Extension - Storm Drainage Plan

Mill Run Extension - Transportation Impact Statement

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