Lanark County's purchasing division facilitates the strategic acquisition of goods, services and construction for the County through adherence to the County's Procurement Policy. We strive to obtain required goods and/or services for the County while achieving the best value through a transparent, fair and competitive process.

Bidding opportunities are completed by various methods. They may be posted below, completed using standing offers or sent directly to suppliers.

Bidding opportunities

RFP 2023-01 Part 1 of 2 - Heating Retrofit Project

RFP 2023-01 Part 2 of 2 - LCH Heating Upgrade  

Please visit MERX  for the following current bidding opportunities:

PW-C-01-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #9 (Tatlock Road)

PW-C-02-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #10 (Scotch Line Road)

PW-C-05-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #16 (South Lavant Road)

PW-C-06-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #20 (Waba Road)

PW-C-07-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #17 (Derry Side Road)

PW-C-08-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #36 (Bolingbroke Road)

PW-C-09-2023-23-E0 - Micro Surfacing 

PW-C-10-2023-23-E0 - Road Rehabilitation of County Road #43 (Highway 43)

PW-C-11-2023-23-E0  - Engineering Services for the Blakeney Bridge Replacement Design Alternatives

PW-C-26-2023-23-E0 - Supply and Placement of Shoulder Gravel






Documents referenced in bidding documents

In support of its sustainability objectives, the County no longer provides a copy of the below documents as part of its bidding documents.

Accessibility - Customer Service Standards Policy

Clean Equipment Protocol for Industry

Health and Safety Contractor Program

Payment Adjustment for Changes in the Fuel Price Index

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