My Service is Terrible. Now What?

We hear you and you are not alone.  The increase bandwidth needed to work and attend school online together with everything else has meant some urban and lots of rural residents now live with frustrating lack of quality service.


What can you do?

Reach out to the different telecom providers listed.  Find out what they can offer and when upgrades are happening.  A good step is to talk to your neighbours find out what solutions are working in your neighbourhood.  If your neighbours are all having issues organize.  Collect data on who wants better service and call the providers and email Lanark County  We want to know where to direct the telecoms.


Good News!

There are many ongoing projects across the County by just about every provider to expand fibre networks and increase wireless capacity.  The Eastern Ontario Regional Network project to upgrade cell coverage and capacity is rolling out 2021-2024.  Improvement are coming, sorry they seem so slow.   Many of the providers are lining up applications to apply for the provincial and federal programming. 

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