Budget and Finance

The budget represents the vision of Lanark County and is considered a living document. It is a financial resource tool and is representative of the principal planning document of County Council each year. The budget, although prepared based on estimates, provides a road map for capital projects and operating expenditures. Monthly financial reports are used to inform management and Council when expenditures are close to or have surpassed budget allocations.

The Budget Process

The budget process typically begins in June as each department reviews priorities and their annual operating and capital requirements. The draft budgets of each department are put into a draft document that is subject that creates a global picture and potential overall impact to the taxpayers. The draft budget is presented by service at a Special Corporate Services Meeting in November (Financial Friday) for review and discussion. The budget once adopted by County Council then becomes the working document for the year and is also used to determine the annual tax rates.

Budget By-laws

2024 Budget By-Law (By-law No. 2023-47)

2023 Budget By-Law (By-law No. 2023-07)

2022 Budget By-law (By-Law No. 2021-46)

2021 Budget By-law (By-law No. 2020-42)

2020 Budget By-law (By-law No. 2019-36)


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