Discover ways you can support climate action in the community and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. 

On the Go

Electric Vehicles (EV)

The transportation sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada. For those looking to invest in a new vehicle, explore the option of an electric vehicle.

Check out this list of electric vehicles that are eligible for the Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) Program incentive, which offers up to $5,000 for certain new electric vehicles. This program will be available until March 31, 2025 or when the funding has been exhausted

With the number of charging stations increasing throughout Ontario and Lanark County, it’s even easier to plan your route with an electric vehicle. To see what charging stations are available near you, visit PlugShare.

Active Transportation

Active transportation is a great way to improve your health, help the environment, and save money! Incorporate walking, biking, jogging, wheel chairing, and other forms of active transportation into your travel plans and lifestyle. Going the distance? Take a look at our trail network to see what routes you can travel to get from point A to point B throughout Lanark County.

Car Pooling Lots and Programs

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road by carpooling is a great way to help lower Lanark County's community greenhouse gas emissions. Share a ride through the new Community Car Pool website. You can also meet up and share rides by parking at one of the existing Park N Ride lots in the County.  

At Home

Renovating and Retrofitting

Buildings, including homes, are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Lanark County.  By completing a home energy assessment, you can learn more about upgrades that can improve the efficiency of your home. Completing home energy retrofits can reduce carbon emissions produced from your home, reduce energy loss, increase home comfort, and result in cost savings on your energy bills.

To learn more about improving your home’s energy efficiency, check out our Retrofitting in Lanark Resource Sheet or watch our seminar on how to take climate action at home.

Visit the Renovate Lanark page to find out if you are eligible for one-time assistance of up to $15,000 per household for major home repairs and/or accessibility renovations.

Waste Reduction & Diversion

Diverting organic waste from landfills can help reduce community greenhouse gas emissions. By composting organic waste, this not only decreases methane production from landfills but also provides a valuable soil amendment for your garden.

Check out these composting resources to learn more about composting:

The Four Seasons of Composting

The Home Composting Handbook

Visit your municipality’s website to learn more about local waste and recycling programs:

If you're a resident or business of Almonte or Pakenham and you're interested in managing your food scraps, check out Just Good Compost. Just Good Compost is a local pilot project that collects your food scraps and turns them into compost for your garden.

On the Farm

Check out our Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture seminar to learn more about different ways you can make your farm more sustainable.

ALUS Lanark

ALUS Lanark supports farmers in the creation of an array of ecosystem projects, including reforestation, windbreaks, riparian buffers, wetland projects, tallgrass prairie, pollinator habitat and more. These projects contribute to the health of the farmers’ privately-owned landscape, while also benefitting the broader environment by providing support for biodiversity; reducing downstream flooding in neighbouring communities and ecosystems; and mitigating the impacts of climate change through carbon sequestration. Initiated by Climate Network Lanark and Lanark County, ALUS Lanark is administered by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario

Visit the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario to learn more about climate-friendly farming practices that can help farmers become more resilient in the face of the changing climate.

For Businesses

Visit to learn more about retrofit and energy efficiency programs for Ontario businesses. Eligible projects include:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC redesign
  • Chiller replacement
  • Variable-speed drive installations

Lanark County has joined the Strategic Associate Program. aims to connect conscious businesses and people committed to sustainability by promoting sustainable actions and products through their platform. Businesses can apply for and be awarded for 12 badges upon fulfilling the requirements. If your business is interested in becoming a member, send us an email.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Lanark County is home to some great organizations working on climate action. To learn more about them or to get involved, visit their websites:

Carleton Place Environmental Advisory Committee - The Carleton Place Environmental Advisory Committee provides environmental advice, recommendations and information to Council concerning all aspects of environmental issues related to public policies, programs, and projects.

Perth Climate Change Advisory Panel “The Green Scene”- The Green Scene is an initiative led by the Perth Climate Change Advisory Panel. The Green Scene provides information, tips, and reminders for residents to make Perth a greener place to live, work, and play.

Climate Network Lanark - Climate Network Lanark was established by the Lanark County Stewardship Council to connect, coordinate, facilitate and support collaborative community efforts to address climate change. The Climate Network Lanark provides advice and support towards the development of Lanark County’s Climate Action Plan. For more information on how to get involved, please visit Climate Network Lanark’s web page.

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