Retrofitting Resources

To learn more about improving your home’s energy efficiency, check out our Retrofitting in Lanark Resource Sheet or watch our seminar on how to take climate action at home.

Climate Network Lanark hosts a Climate Concierge Project to help guide homeowners through the retrofit and incentive process. To learn more about this project, visit their website or contact the Project Coordinator Sadie Brule at or 613-323-2553. 

Incentives for Homeowners

Renovate Lanark
  • One-time assistance of up to $15,000 per household for eligible home owners
  • Assist in financing major home repairs and/or accessibility renovation
  • To learn more, visit: Renovate - Lanark County (
Canada Greener Homes Grant
Canada Greener Homes Loan
Enbridge Home Winterproofing Program
  • A free home energy assessment by a trusted delivery agent
  • Free energy-efficient upgrades, including insulation, draft proofing and a smart thermostat
  • To learn more, visit: Home Winterproofing Program | Enbridge Gas
Energy Affordability Program
  • Provides support to income-eligible electricity consumers by helping them to better manage their monthly electricity costs and to increase their home comfort.
  • To learn more, visit: Energy Affordability Program | Save on Energy
Air Source Heat Pumps (NEW)

Incentives for Businesses

  • Save ON Energy - Small Business Program
    • Designed to help small businesses across Ontario make equipment improvements to reduce their energy consumption at no cost
    • Up to $2,000 for eligible lighting equipment and up to $2,500 for eligible non-lighting equipment
    • To learn more visit: Small Business Program | Save on Energy
  • Save ON Energy - Retrofit Program

Green Home Builders and Service Providers

The Green Home Builders and Service Providers is a list of businesses within our region that provide green building services to home, business, and building owners in Lanark County.

 This directory is meant to serve as a guide for homeowners. The County of Lanark does not endorse these businesses and is not responsible for the performance and/or quality of work provided.

For updates to listings or if you are interested in being listed on this directory, please email
 Consultants/Auditors  REAL (Rideau Environmental Action League) Home energy audits Smiths Falls John Appleby,     613-784-9320 
 Consultants/Auditors Courtenay Johnson Home energy audits Lanark County  Courtenay Johnson, 613-256-8846 
 Consultants/Auditors  Envirocentre Home energy audits Ottawa 613-656-0100 ext. 109  
 Consultants/Auditors Homesol Building Solutions Deliver energy assessments, modelling, ratings, labels, and building energy solutions Perth  613-466-0664 
 Builders K. James Construction Energy Star Certified, build energy efficient homes Perth Andrew James,  613-267-3543 
 Builders The Lanark Design/Build Group  Construct energy efficient homes, renovations and additions  Lanark Mark Tritton,  613-259-2392 
 Builders McAdoo Construction Ltd. Build Energy Star homes Perth Sean McAdoo,  613-264-1172 
 Builders Ennis General Carpentry Ltd Energy Star Certified, install Polarfoam thermal insulation, environmentally friendly biofiltration septic systems, and alternative heating/cooling systems Perth Mike Purdon,  613-264-0208 
 Builders EverGreen Concepts Inc. Energy Star Certified, construct energy efficient homes and cottages, incorporate passive solar designs Perth  613-267-6721 
 Builders Dwellings Design - Build Construct sustainable, low carbon homes and buildings Perth  Kris Bailey, 
 Architects Geoff Hodgins Design sustainable custom homes including off-grid residences and alternative construction Perth  Geoff Hodgins,  613-267-2954  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers TBG Mechanical Solutions Limited Install heat pumps Carleton Place  613-229-4822  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Bangs Fuels Ltd. DFHP, ASHP, HPWH Perth  343-341-0459 
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Carleton Refrigeration, Heating & AC DFHP, ASHP, GSHP  Carleton Place  613-257-8282 
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Comfort Pro Ltd. DFHP, ASHP, GSHP, HPWH Carleton Place  613-253-1318 
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers CorCann Heating & Cooling DFHP, ASHP, GSHP, HPWH Almonte  613-256-2226 
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Dr. Comfort Heating & AC  DFHP, ASHP Lanark   613-259-2335  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Hastie Service Heating & AC DFHP, ASHP Ashton   613-253-2213 
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers J & C Heating & Cooling DFHP, ASHP Perth   613-264-8800   
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers McNamee Plumbing and Heating  DFHP, ASHP, GSHP   Perth Brad and Wayne McNamee,   613-267-2378  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Source Energy Mechanical DFHP, ASHP, GSHP, HPWH Smiths Falls   613-880-8315  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Thake Home Comfort DFHP, ASHP, GSHP Westport  613-273-2062  
Heat Pump Installers/Servicers Valley Plumbing, Heating & Water Treatment DFHP, ASHP  Perth  1-844-324-0842  
 Solar Services Ottawa Valley Photovoltaic quote, consults, Canadian design, equipment Almonte/Clayton  613-256-8846  
 Solar Services Downunder Solar quote, design, equipment, installation Kingston   613-583-0139 
 Solar Services Bobolink Solar quote, consults, equipment  Perth 
 Solar Services Solid State Electric  quote, consults, equipment Perth  613-812-5790 
 Solar Services Alcock Electric quote, design, equipment, installation, electrical  Calabogie  613-314-2492  
 Solar Services Eco Alternative Electrical survey, quote, equipment, installation, electrical Arden   289-969-1809, 613-583-6127  
 Solar Services Solacity quote, consults, equipment by appt. to renewable trades blog, on-line forum, no installs Kemptville   613-686-4618, 1-877-787-9748  
 Solar Services Fabrack Solar positionable ground-mount racking Carleton Place   Pat 613-621-9225, 

Kyle 613-558-6600  
Table of Acronyms
 ASHP Air source heat pumps - use the difference between outdoor air temperatures and indoor air temperatures to cool and heat your home
DFHP Dual fuel air source heat pumps - air source heat pump that uses fossil fuels on the coldest days
GSHP Ground source heat pumps- uses the earth and/or ground water as a source of heat in the winter and to cool your home in the summer
HPWH Heat pump water heaters

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