When you move to Lanark Lodge your basic furniture is already in your room for you.  This includes a bed, a bedside table, and a wardrobe. Residents and families are welcome to bring your personal items, but please ensure that they meet our policy on furniture and personal items.

PermittedNot Permitted

Personal chairs may be brought in; however, all chairs must be sturdy and stable. Sit-to-stand lazy boy chairs are acceptable.

Swivel chairs and rocking chairs are not permitted (unless rocking mechanism can be locked out).

Lazy boy chairs with heating mechanism are not permitted for safety and resident health.

Residents may replace the bedside table with their own, however, all furnishings must be fully intact and able to be cleaned with our facility disinfectant.

Nothing is to hang from the ceiling or near any fire detection or suppression device. Display areas will be limited to the shelving areas provided.

Televisions must sit comfortably on a stand or dresser. Televisions with the wall hanging capabilities are permitted up to 32”, however it is the responsibility of the resident or family to purchase the appropriate wall hanging device. Our maintenance staff must install the device and hang the television. Cable and telephone are connected through the staff at Lanark Lodge.

Doors to all resident rooms must close freely and tightly in keeping with fire regulations, so door-hanging devices for wreaths or other display items are not recommended.

Furnishings cannot be placed in any areas which will hinder egress for the resident or staff evacuation.

Computers are welcome; however, Internet hook-up through Lanark Lodge is required.

Footstools are not recommended.

Photographs or pictures may be displayed on the walls. The Lanark Lodge Staff will install the appropriate picture hangers, etc.

Floor mats are not permitted. As an alternative, we encourage residents to bring in rubber-soled slippers, which can be kept by the bedside.

Telephone and cable (if required) is hooked up through Lanark Lodge Staff if requested.

All small appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, space heaters, portable air conditioners, humidifiers, heating pads/blankets or any other heating devices are not permitted for safety reasons

Bedside table lamp (inspected and approved for safety by our maintenance staff).

Personal beds, mattresses or mattress pads are not permitted.

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