Guidelines: How to Ensure Your New Home Is a Safe and Functional Living and Working Environment:

Your room is furnished with a bed, bedside table, and a closet. Some of the rooms have a chair that you can use or replace with your own furniture if it fits with the following furniture policy:



Personal chairs may be brought in; however, all must be sturdy and stable. Sit-to-stand Lazy-Boy chairs are acceptable

Swivel chairs, and rocking chairs are not permitted. Lazy boys with heating mechanism are not permitted for the safety of the resident health.

Dresser and other furnishings, however all furnishings must be fully intact and must be able to be cleaned with our disinfectants. Note: Furnishings cannot be placed in areas which will hinder egress for the resident or staff evacuation

Nothing is to hang from the ceiling or near any fire detection or suppression device.

Televisions if wall mounted it can be no bigger than 32” you must provide the wall mount and our maintenance staff will install

Refrigerators, humidifiers, Portable/window air conditioners, heating pads, Electric coffee makers or kettles, and electrical blankets are not allowed

Computers, laptops and tablets are allowed however you will need to sign up for our internet.

Scatter rugs or mats your own bed or mattress, your own bed helper, and curtains are not allowed.

Pictures/Artwork – can be placed on the walls our maintenance staff will hang where indicated by resident/family

Perfumes, strong smelling deodorant, shampoo etc. are not allowed (we are a scent free building)

Telephone/Cable can be signed up for through Lanark Lodge at a fee

Nail polish remover, bleach and mouth wash

Bed Side Lamp if inspected and approved by our maintenance department are allowed.

Footstools are not allowed for safety purposes

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