Complete the RGI Housing Application and provide the following for all household members:

  • Legal status in Canada documentation for all household members
  • Income information for all household members over 16 years of age
  • Information about any money owed to or re-payment plans with a Social Housing Provider
  • Signed consent and declaration for all household members over 16 years of age

Examples of acceptable documents to prove status in Canada include:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Residency Card
  • Refugee approval documents with valid expiry dates

Submit your completed application along with all required documents to:

Your wait time

The following table shows estimates of wait times based on location (Municipality). Your wait time could be shorter or longer depending on the factors outlined below.

municipalityaverage wait time
Carleton Place 7 years
Mississippi Mills 6 years
Perth 3 years
Smiths Falls 5 years


There are many factors that impact the wait list; therefore, it is not possible to tell you where you are on the list or how long your wait will be.

Most people need to find their own rental housing in the private market while they are on the wait list because the wait can be very long. We will contact you when there is a housing subsidy available.

Your wait time can depend on:

  • When a subsidy becomes available
  • Housing availability
  • The town you have selected
  • How many bedrooms you are eligible for
  • If you need a ground floor or wheelchair accessible unit

You can help us reduce your wait time by:

  • Contacting us right away if you move or if there are changes to your situation
  • Be willing to move anywhere in Lanark once we contact you
  • Accept a housing offer when it is presented to you
  • Change your town preference for housing as different areas have different wait times

Contact us if there are changes to:

  • Your phone number or current address
  • Number of family members listed when you applied
  • Your income and assets
  • Your emergency contact
  • Your family members' information
  • Your medical or other circumstance

Contact us to update your information or to change your building preferences.

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