Special Needs Resource Funding helps children with special needs that are in licensed child care. This funding pays for Resource Consultants and to buy special toys and equipment.

Resource Consultants assist child care staff by:

  • Assessing each child's specific special needs.
  • Creating individual program plans.
  • Carrying out daily activities according to the program plan.
  • Assisting a child with special needs in the larger group setting.
  • Working with parents to make sure they use the same approaches outside of child care.
  • Offering training opportunities for parents, child care providers and community groups.

Lanark Community Programs, Lanark Early Integration Program (LEIP) provides this service in Lanark County. You can contact LEIP by phone at 613-257-7121 or 1-800-677-2617. You can also find more information about their services on the LEIP Website.

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