Emergency Assistance

If you are in an emergency situation and you live in Ontario, you might be eligible for emergency assistance.

If you are eligible for emergency assistance, the amount you get will depend on your specific situation. In most cases you will not get more than what you would get on Ontario Works.


You may qualify if you live in Ontario (not a visitor or tourist), are in a crisis or emergency situation, and do not have enough money for things like food and housing. For example, a crisis or emergency includes situations where you:

  • have been affected by COVID-19
  • are being evicted from your home
  • are in or are leaving an abusive relationship
  • are worried about your safety

You are not eligible if you are getting assistance from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program.


You can apply online, contact us at 613-267-4200 ext. 2140 or email us at ss@lanarkcounty.ca.

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