Is a Developmental Support Services Case Worker role the same as an Adult Protective Services Worker's?
Yes, they are the same. Lanark County is choosing a different name for our case management program, but they perform the same functions. Adult Protective Services Workers are guided by a provincially recognized Association. More information can be found here.
How does a person qualify for a DSS Worker?
See how to apply. All persons seeking supports of a case worker must apply and be eligible for developmental services. Case workers are not assigned until they are referred by Developmental Services Ontario for service in their community.
Does a Developmental Services Case Worker have legal power to protect vulnerable adults?

Involvement with a Developmental Services Case Worker is strictly voluntary. Case workers help with individuals with a developmental disability identify and reduce risk factors in their lives. We are not able to compel unwilling individuals to receive services.

If you suspect an adult with a developmental disability is being abused in the community, you can report this to reportON:


I am a parent who needs residential supports for my family member. Is the Developmental Services Support Program the best option for us?
If your family member requires structured supported living within developmental services sector you can ask your Developmental Services Ontario office to help you to link with an agency who offers residential supports. A Developmental Services Support case worker role is defined as working with those living in the independently in the community, to facilitate and coordinate available services.

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