Our 10-Year Plan is a framework for improving access to safe and affordable housing for our residents. We are committed to achieving this through the following strategic directions and actions:

Strategic direction #1: increase the supply of affordable housing

There is a gap in meeting the housing needs of individuals and families in the lower-income ranges. Many households are spending more than 30% of their income on housing putting them at risk of losing their homes. Waiting lists for social housing and those in receipt of social assistance are increasing. There continues to be a strong need in the area to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Strategic direction #2: plan for a diverse range of housing choices

A range of housing choices is needed. A diverse range of housing means ensuring the housing stock can accommodate an aging population, a variety of household types and sizes, a greater diversity of culture, a range of physical and mental disabilities, and fluctuations in needs (e.g. economic downturn, family crisis).

Strategic direction #3: stabilize and revitalize current social housing stock

Our housing stock is aging. This can result in high maintenance and operating costs due to the lack of energy-efficient designs and building deterioration. Such increasing costs can create affordability challenges, especially for individuals and families on fixed incomes. We must stabilize our current properties and be prepared to revitalize stock through a robust capital plan.

Strategic direction #4: ensure an adequate supply of appropriate, supportive and universal housing

There are very limited emergency and supportive housing options in Lanark County for vulnerable individuals and families (e.g. mental illness, intellectual challenges or disabilities, physical disabilities, cognitively impaired elderly, persons with substance abuse issues). We must work with local service providers to increase supports and promote additions to the supportive housing stock.

Strategic direction #5: educate the community on local housing needs and offer incentives to build affordable housing

The County’s affordable housing shortage is a community-based issue that requires the support and commitment of the community. Educating landlords, developers, business owners, and community members is aimed at inspiring people to enact change and create opportunities for the development of affordable and supportive housing.

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