How Ontario Works Can Help You:


If you qualify for Ontario Works you and your family may be eligible for certain health-related and employment benefits. 

 Health Benefits 

Prescription Drug Coverage

 You and your family will receive coverage for prescription drugs that are:
  • listed in the Ontario Drug Formulary, and
  • prescribed by an approved healthcare professional
 Dental Coverage for Children
 Children 17 and under will be automatically enrolled in the Healthy Smiles Ontario dental care program. Each child will receive a dental card to be shown as proof of eligibility to get dental services under the program.
 Vision Care for Children
 You may be able to get help to pay for vision care expenses for your children, such as:
  • prescription eyeglasses
  • eyeglass repairs
 Eye Examinations
 The Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP) covers eye examinations for people who are:
  • under 20 years of age, or
  • 65 years of age or older

If you are between the ages of 20-64, Ontario Works will cover the costs for routine eye exams once every 24 months.

 Diabetic or Surgical Supplies and Dressings
If you have a prescription for these items, and do not have any other coverage (e.g. from the Canadian Diabetes Association), Ontario Works may cover these costs.

Travel and Transportation for Medical Purposes

If you need to attend appointments for medical reasons, Ontario Works may cover these costs. This includes going to medical, rehabilitation, or counselling appointments.
Approved Special Diet Allowance
You may be approved for additional assistance to support an approved Special Diet (e.g. Dairy Allergy)

Assistive Devices

The Assistive Devices Program of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care pays for 75% of the cost of an assistive device. If you do not have coverage for the remaining 25%, Ontario Works may pay for it.

Assistive devices help people with physical disabilities and can include:

  • mobility devices (e.g. wheeled walkers and wheelchairs)
  • visual aids
  • hearing aids
  • orthotics/prosthetics
  • speech devices (e.g. teletypewriters)
  • medical supplies
  • respiratory devices

Ontario Works may also help you with the cost of an assessment for an assistive device.

Extended Health Benefits

If you have high health costs and no longer qualify for financial help from Ontario Works, Extended Health Benefits may be available to help you. Depending on your needs, you may be able to get help to cover the cost of items such as:

  • prescription drugs
  • basic dental care
  • eyeglasses
  • hearing aids
  • diabetic supplies
  • surgical supplies and dressings
  • transportation for medical appointments 
Employment Benefits
Employment Assistance Activities Expenses
You may be able to get help to cover costs (e.g. transportation, fees) when you are taking part in Employment Assistance Activities.
Child care costs
 You may be able to get help to cover the costs of child care if you:
  • get a job, or
  • are involved in an employment activity
Full-Time Employment Benefit
 If you are starting a full-time job, you may get help to cover the cost of items such as:
  • clothing or uniforms
  • safety shoes or work boots
  • tools and special equipment
  • transportation
  • licensing or professional fees
Extended Employment Health Benefit
If you no longer qualify for financial help under Ontario Works because you got a job, the Extended Employment Health Benefit may be available to you. You may be eligible for this benefit if you do not have a health benefits plan with your employer.
 Other Benefits
 Transition Child Benefit
If you have children under the age of 18, you may be eligible to receive the Transition Child Benefit if:
  • you are not receiving the Ontario Child Benefit
  • you are receiving less than the maximum amount of the Ontario Child Benefit for any of your children, or
  • you are waiting for your monthly Ontario Child Benefit payment to start

The amount you get depends on how much money you get from the Ontario Child Benefit and the National Child Benefit Supplement (federal supplement to the Canada Child Tax Benefit).

Guide Dog Benefit
If you own a certified guide dog, you may receive money to help you pay for the dog's care.
Discretionary Benefit
People in receipt of Ontario Works assistance may be eligible for other discretionary benefits. Please contact your worker to discuss how they can help.

Coverage for basic funeral expenses may be provided on behalf of residents of Lanark County or the Town of Smiths Falls who do not have enough money in their estate to cover these costs.

Help with funeral expenses may include:

  • Funeral services: 2 hour visitation and service (same day), flat top casket, transportation to cemetery, professional services
  • Burial services: purchase of plot, opening and closing
  • Cremation services: cremation and cremation certificate

Who Can Apply

This benefit is available for those who pass away while receiving assistance from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), as well as for deceased Lanark County residents who do not have enough money in their estate to cover funeral expenses.

The person who is responsible for making the funeral arrangements may apply for the funeral expenses.

How to Apply

You can make a funeral application by calling us at 613-267-4200 ext 2140. Eligibility is determined by reviewing the financial situation of the deceased person and his/her spouse at the time of death. This includes, for example, assets, income,pension, RRSPs, life insurance and Wills (copy required)


It is important you know that Lanark County Social Services:

  • must authorize services before you sign a contract with a funeral home or cemetery
  • is entitled to recover the funeral costs from all sources available to the deceased person (e.g. bank accounts, CPP Death Benefit etc.)
  • the Funeral Director's 'Statement of Death Certificate' will be issued to the next of kin only after all reimbursement attempts have been completed. Please note that this may take several months.


After Applying

The application for funeral expenses will be assessed immediately and, if eligible, authorization will be issued directly to the funeral home and/or cemetery. Coverage is limited to approved services and rates.


 Please Note:

Everyone's situation is different. The information here is intended as general guidance only. It is not meant to provide a full description of the Ontario Works program or to tell you if you qualify for the program. To get a   better understanding of how the Ontario Works program may be able to help you,  please contact us.

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