ByName List

A ByName List is a real-time list of people experiencing homelessness in our community.  It includes a robust set of data points that support coordinated access and prioritization at a household level, and an understanding of homeless inflow and outflow at a system level.  This real-time actionable data supports triage to services, system performance evaluation, and advocacy.

Total people experiencing homelessness: 
Lanark County ByName List  

What is a ByName List used for?

Community Level (non-identifying information)

  • Track how many people are becoming homeless, moving into housing and changes in real-time.
  • Measures progress toward goal of homelessness reduction
  • Collects concrete evidence for the services we need more of to best meet community needs

Individual level (confidential identifiable information)

  • Share client information between service providers to reduce duplication of work, avoid individuals re-answering the same questions multiple times
  • Prioritize clients based on vulnerability and need

 Housing Resources Available to participants of ByName List

  • Caseworkers to actively assist with Housing Search
  • ByName List Housing Support Allowance - rent subsidy
  • Mental Health Housing Caseworker to actively assist with housing search and connection to mental health supports
  • Prioritized access to Adult Supportive Housing beds
  • Additional Housing Assistance Funds to support housing plans                                                                                                                    


The Committee & Access Partners – partner agencies adding participants to ByName List and/or receiving matches as a housing resource    

  • Lanark County Mental Health
  • Lanark County Interval House
  • Lanark Leeds & Grenville Addictions & Mental Health
  • Victim Services
  • Cornerstone Landing Youth Services
  • Lanark County Social Services

If you are currently experiencing homelessness and would like to be added to the local ByName List



Please forward completed Intake and Consent Forms to:

For more information, please contact:

Valerie Hogan, BNL Admin Lead, Homelessness

Phone: 613-267-4200 Ext. 2117

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